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Creating pages in Umbraco

To create the page in the umbraco you need to do following things.

Firstly you need to create the document type so that you can create the page of that document type. Lets see how can we create the document type.

§ Go to seetings tab which at the left bottom, in settings you can find “Document type folder” at left side after you go to the settings.

§ Right click on the the “Document type” & click on create.

§ Select “master document type” as “None...”

§ Give the Name to your document type.

§ Check the “Create matching template” field.

§ Click on create.

§ After that you can see the screen which contains the Some fields like Name, Alias, etc... & also the tabs like info, structure, etc... At the top.

§ Now go to the “Generic properties” tab which at the top.

§ Here we will create the property for the Document type.

§ Click on the down arrow to create the property, Write name. Lets select “type” as Textstring & click on the save button.

Now we have to create the template for the page.

§ Go to the “Templates folder” in the left side in the settings tab only.

§ You can see the template create with the same name as the document type.(If you can see it then right click on the template & click on reload nodes).

§ Click on that template & then you can see the html mark-up appearing for that template.

§ Now put cursor inside the asp:content.

§ Now click on the button which in on right side of the save button “Insert umbraco page field”.

§ Select the choose field with the property which you created in the “Generic property of the Document type”.

§ Click on insert.

§ You can see some html tag is added .

§ Now click on save button.

Now we are ready to create the page. Lets how we can create the page.

§ Go to “Content” tab which is at the left bottom of the screen.

§ Right click on the “content” which can be seen on the left side of the screen.

§ Click on create & then give the name to your page also select the document type which you created & click on the Create button.

§ You can see that page is created at the left of the screen, click on it.

§ At centre you can see the fields like name, created by, etc.... Also you can see the Property you created in the document type.

§ Write something inside that textstring.

§ Click on save & publish button.

§ Click on preview.

§ You can see that the text you wrote inside the textsting appears in that page.

Like this you can create pages in the umbraco.


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