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How to save current map window image in your had drive

In this tutorial i will show you that how can we save  the current map window image to your hard drive.

private void button1_Click (object sender, EventArgs e)
MapInfo.Mapping.MapExport exportObject = new MapInfo.Mapping.MapExport (this.mapControl1.Map.Clone () as MapInfo.Mapping.Map);
exportObject.ExportSize = new MapInfo.Mapping.ExportSize (this.mapControl1.Map.Size.Width, this.mapControl1.Map.Size.Height);
exportObject.Format = MapInfo.Mapping.ExportFormat.Bmp;  / / Save to the clipboard
System.Windows.Forms.Clipboard.SetDataObject (exportObject.Export ()); / / Save to your hard drive
exportObject.Export (@ "D: \ Image.bmp");
MessageBox.Show ("Save successful!");


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